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Reports bugs

There are following bugs in reports:

1. Net Worth - it is written "Transactions in: UAH" BUT there are all transactions, not only in UAH but also in USD, and there is no currency sign or automatic conversion to my local currency.

2. Trends - the same as described in item 1, Trends and Statistics reports show different total expense for February (month when I started using MoneyWizz), so I don't know what report should I believe to, as all the expenses are shown in different currencies, so It would be difficult to calculate, but looks like Statistics report shows more accurate value.

3. Statistics - Current net worth, Highest net worth and Lowest net worth sometimes change their values to a wrong ones. It looks like these values are erroneously multiplied by a currency exchange rate of USD/UAH (~25x). Last time it happened after I added an expense in USD, but right now I can't replicate this issue.

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Hello Taras, 

I think all of these have been addressed with 2.0.4 that is coming in a couple of weeks. If you want to test the beta, let us know the Applel ID e-mail address - the one you use to download apps from the iOS app store, and we will send you an invite. Provided that you are running iOS 8. 

Thank you.