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Updated iPad to iOS 8.2. Now cannot run app.

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Hello Rosemary, 

Do you have a SYNCbits account? Do you use MoneyWiz on other devices? 

No to both questions
I have just updated to 8.2. I am running on iPad and iPhone using Synbits. Both apps are working, although seem a little slow to update, with occasional crashes

In my case MW2 crashes on iPhone 5s and iPad Air under IOS 8.2, immediately after syncronizing with BitSync started.

Running on iPad 8.1.2. Runs really slow, almost unusable. Upgrade from money wiz 1 which ran like a dream. Unfortunately upgrade path is a one way ticket.
I have the same problem since yesterday. Syncing causes constant crashes. I have iOS 8.2 but until yesterday it worked fine. Are they any solutions ? Thanks

I got solution for iPhone 5S and iPad Air!

1. Uninstall MW2

2. Install MW2, Configure SYNbits, Turn off PIN security

3. Exit MW2

4. Start MW2, Configure PIN security as required

That's all!

Hello Everyone, 

There are several crash issues, but many of them are not general and will not be resolved by an update. Especially when it is crashing during sync repeatedly. So, if MoneyWiz crashes constantly on one and the same thing, please e-mail for personal assistance, as the issue might be with the sync account, and then we need to fix the sync account to get it working. 

MoneyWiz 2.0.4 has been submitted for approval to Apple today. usually it takes them up to two weeks to review and address, but in many cases they are quicker than that. The update included partial performance optimisation apart from bug fixes as well as adding Yodlee platform for online banking to complement the existing solution.