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Budgeting Scheduled Payments

Can we have more than one category without it being a split payment? For example, I'd like to have one category identifying the cost (e.g. Mobile Phone) and one identifying the type (e.g. Direct Debit). By doing this I can allocate a budgetary amount for Mobile Phone costs and for Direct Debits in total.

Hi Asen Selanovski, it is possible, nothing is impossible .The only thing is you have to allow a category in transfer like in your loan transfer.The YNAB program also doing the same thing

Hi John, 

Nope that is not really possible. In a future update when we add Tags functionality which will allow you to identify the Direct Debits, but not to have a budget monitor it. Tagging is most likely coming in MoneyWiz 2.1 later this year. 

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