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Make Import Windows Resizable

It would be very helpful if, when importing transactions, the import dialog windows could be resizable. I'd like to be able to see more of the individual text for each transaction.  For example, in my bank electronic withdrawals, such as for EFT transactions, show up as "ELECTRONIC WITHDRAWAL COLOR".  The "electronic withdrawal" text uses up almost all the text information, leaving only 5 characters that help ID what the EFT is related to.  If I could drag the window left/right and show more text info about the transaction that would be extremely helpful.

If, after I do that, MoneyWiz would remember what I sized it to so that all future imports would default to that sizing, all the better.

I'm using the Mac version 2.0.3 build 15.  

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Hi Paul, 

I have noted your suggestion and we will have it in mind when planning future updates. I cannot promise if we will manage to do this for 2.1 but we will definitely pay attention to this in some way as soon as possible. 

Thank you!  I was thinking after I submitted this that it would be great if all the pop-up dialog windows could be resized.  For example, if I'm going through transactions in an account and modifying categories, when the category pop up appears be able to drag it vertically so that it shows more categories (less scrolling).  Similar request for when adding/editing categories, assigning icons to categories, etc. etc.

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