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Simple "Plus" Button

Please add a simple "Plus" button at the bottom to easily create and save new transaction. I believe most of us use our thumb near the bottom part of any phone instead to have click it on top of the phone.

It is on the bottom... are you speaking of online banking account?

Hi, I just notice the plus button in the bottom to create new trx under Account. Sorry for this, however, is it possible to also put the "checkmark" button at the bottom instead of at the top right corner and put the big Help button at the top instead.
And also for the rest of the save button, e.g. creating new category, add payees, choose category in new trx, etc.

Which version of MoneyWiz are you using? And on which platform?

Hi, I'm using it both on Android (Nexus) n iOS (iPad). I was referring to the Android ver 1.6.0 I use the iPad version to see the report.

We have MoneyWiz 2 now... for iOS and Mac. Android is coming soon. It has different UI/UX.

Great! Can't wait for the new update. Thank you.
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