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MW not learning Payees and Categories

I LOVE this app. But ... every time I download transactions from my bank and import them, I am required to "match up" payees as well as categories for the same people and categories over and over again. It seems as though the app is simply not "learning" when I match up a downloaded payee name with my MW payee list and the same for the category list.

Any idea why this might be happening?

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Payees are remembered but categories have not been learned and have to be laboriously re entered

Nothing yet Asen ...

What about 2.04 for OSX ?

This was (finally) acknowledged as a bug in v2.0.3 and was supposed to have been fixed in v2.0.4 Beta. It hasn't. I've logged another ticket tonight - will update you.

Is there an update to the OS X version that will provide the same fix?

(For now I simply do the importing on my iPad, everything works great and syncs back to my Mac)

I have reported the same problem, MW not keeping assigned categories.

I did not have that problem with version 1.x

I am not on the Beta team.

I am using latest version 2.0.3 (build 15)

Also hope that the fix will be applied to OSX version of MW.

Just done my monthly download and categories are not remembered again.  I don't really want to do  the Beta thing but I would like this problem to be sorted sooner than later.  

I download the Quicken OFX option rather than the QUIF file - is that relevant ?

Alright let me clarify something, what you are looking for is that when you change a transaction with payee 1234ZXCV to Payee A, next time a transaction from payee 1234ZXCV, it should download as Payee 1, correct? 

Got the beta. Fixed it perfectly!

Thanks Asen!


Yes. MoneyWiz 2.0.4 update for MacOSX will contain the fix as well :) 

Sorry to say, but the linked aka remembering of categories to payees is still not working.
Hi Asen I think Dave was talking more about the next stage of the import - when you link a Payee to a Category. Moneywiz had stopped learning that in v2.0.3 and earlier. I've just tested it in build 25 of v2.0.4 and it seems to be fixed now. Ian
I am refering to both ... For the payee ... I am looking for exactly whatAsen described. When I download and get a payee named xyz001, then I match that name to Supply Company ... The next time I download I expect MW to automatically enter any payees from xyz001 as Supply Company To your point ... On the next step after downloading where I match up categories .... If I match Supply Company payee to the category "Home Repairs", then I expect the next time I import transactions from Supply Company, MW will automatically categorize them as Home Repairs versus indicating no category has been assigned.

Hello everyone,

If you are still experiencing issues with MoneyWiz learning your assignments of payees and categories, please contact us directly at

We might need to investigate each case separately as this functionality depends on the bank you're connecting to and the platform you're using.

Thank you in advance!