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editing instances in scheduled transactions

Hi there. 

I'd like the possibility to edit specific instances in scheduled transactions.

This is useful for when a bill comes in and you want to enter its proper value and even due date (sometimes these vary too).

As it is now, I either have to enter the bill (and then maybe forget to pay), or I can wait with the bill and enter it later (which is painful when you want to keep organized).


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This would indeed be a very useful addition. I would just add that it would also be helpfull if the next few occurrences of a recurring expense/income could also be seen. At the moment you can only see the first pending occurrence.

The ability to move the date of an item that falls on a weekend (Sat or Sun) to previous Fri or Following Monday would be very handy

Hi all,

You can already modify the next occurrence of a Scheduled transaction without affecting the general template:

- if you go to Scheduled transactions section, tap on a transaction and choose Edit - those changes will be reflected in all upcoming instances of that Scheduled transaction,

- but if you go to Scheduled transactions section, tap on a transaction and then Pay and make some changes there, those changes would be reflected only in this particular instance of the Scheduled transaction.

yes. you can modify as you pay.

but usually we get bills a few days or weeks before we pay them.

So I get a bill. I want to enter a new value and due date for that bill, and only pay when I pay. 

I consider Microsoft Money to be the gold standard for personal finance programs. On MS Money, you could modify each and all occurences on a scheduled transaction. 

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QUOTE "I consider Microsoft Money to be the gold standard for personal finance programs. On MS Money, you could modify each and all occurences on a scheduled transaction."

Completely agree!!!!!!!

It would be really great if specific instances of recurring transactions could be edited without affecting the other instances (or at least without affecting past instances). As Alberto said, we get bills in advance, so having to wait to the pay day to edit the transaction is a major show stopper.

To all who took part in the conversation :) There is no need to wait for the Pay day. You can pay the Scheduled transaction even on the day when you receive a bill. For this:

1. Go to Scheduled section
2. Find this transaction. For example today is 24th of December - this is a day when you received a bill to pay. But your scheduled transaction is set to be paid on 28th of each month. All you need to do, is to find this transaction, click on it, then choose Pay, set the needed amount to be paid and change the date of this payment.

This way, your future recurrence of this transaction will not be affected, you will still see that the payment date for future transactions didn't change. It will still occur on 28th of month. In the case above, you will see that the next transaction will be scheduled for 28th of January, even though you have paid the previous transaction on 24th of December.

I hope this helps :)


Hi Volodymyr. Merry Christmas :) The problem with that approach is that we'd get a wrong transaction history, as in reality the transaction will still be payed on the 28th. So the moneywiz account balance will be out of sync with the bank account. Cheers!
Then in such case, simply don't change the date when you manually Pay the scheduled transaction and leave it as 28th. All you will have to do after this, is go to your account in MoneyWiz, where this transaction supposed to be registered and change its status from pending to cleared.


I also am a Microsoft Money transplant.  The cash flow report and the ability to edit each event of a scheduled transaction are my favorite things about the Microsoft Money program.  The Moneywiz program is the closest product I've found to the MSMoney format.  I'm glad I found Moneywiz.  

Like the others who have posted here, I would greatly appreciate the ability to edit each occurrence of a scheduled transaction.  I especially use this to track upcoming salary flow.  It's great to be able to adjust the salary to correspond with known overtime payments and then check the cash flow or the "Balance Over Time" report to see how the future looks.

Would really love to see this also.  I ran into a problem where I edited the date and amount of a scheduled transaction and almost got totally screwed by missing a payment.  The way it was explained to me as the original date of a scheduled transaction is used + X times it is scheduled.  I had a payment due normally on 28th of the month and I wanted to pay it on a different date (25th I think of August).  The original trans was created in July and had been used 1 times so when I saved it it put he new transaction in September 25th not August 25th and no matter what I did I couldn't fix the date.   I had to delete it and recreate it.  What I was told was not to change the date.  In other words, if you had a scheduled trans you created Jan 1 and edited it today in August it would add the new date + 7 months and put into 2018 unless you left the date as Jan 1.  I can see no real benefit to handling edits this way and it is massively confusing and risky.  

At the very least this should be made crystal clear to the user when saving what the ACTUAL date the trans will appear on when saving and offer the option to save as a new trans and stop the old one simplifying the process.  I love and hate this program as bizarre things like this keep popping up that make no sense.

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FYI - this says implemented  - it isn't implemented as described here...not sure why it would be listed that way.

Hi Anthony,

You can change the execution for Scheduled transaction from 1st day of the month to 7th day of the month. Just don't change month. So for example, if you started the scheduled transaction on 1st Jan 2018, and you want it to be execute on 7th September next time, you go to Edit it and change the day from 1st to 7th and leave month and year unchanged. That's all you have to do. And it will be executed on 7th September next time. Please try again with a different or a test scheduled transaction.

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Do you really expect that behavior to be clear to users? I changed the date of scheduled payment and was totally lost in WTF happened!

I had phone payment for 15th of each month, rescheduled it today for 22nd and i do see next payment in "November 22nd", Open edit again - and see "September 22nd" as a start date.

How that could be expected behavior? if it behave like that - pls add the notification - "hey, you changed the month of scheduled transaction - pls change just the date OR we will f**k your transactions up and show misleading information". That kind of notification would be fine to me.

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