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Reconcile Mode in Mac

Not sure if this is a feature request or a problem, so forgive me if this is in the wrong place. II realize that reconcile mode is available for iOS, but I don't see a similar mode for Mac--am I missing this? I realize that you can reconcile in the Mac version by checking the box in the register view but I would like to have a way to see, for instance, what transactions have not been reconciled.

I am looking forward to a"advanced reconciliation" being added to MoneyWiz since this is a major issue in my use of MoneyWiz. Can we expect that soon?

Thank you for your assistance.


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This is also very important for me too. We are using this to track our family's finances and sometimes a receipt may get lost or an amount entered twice. Making sure our balance stays correct requires reconciliation to our bank statement at the end of the month.  It would be nice to be able to have an actual mode that allows entering the statement balance (end of month) and as you check off cleared entries, the amount eventually ends at zero (unless there are mistakes to be fixed).

In early February, it was mentioned that proper reconciliation would likely be implemented in 2.1, but later statements omitted the mention of reconciliation. Is that still something on the horizon? If so, can we know when to expect it?

I agree.  I am a longstanding Pocket Money user who has already purchased MoneyWiz for iOS & Mac.  I cannot transition from Pocket Money to MoneyWiz, however, until proper Reconciliation (against a specific ending balance) has been setup.  I have been waiting patiently since last October for SilverWiz to add this feature to MoneyWiz.  Please do this!!!

Hello everyone,

Reconcile mode on Mac can be currently accessed by entering the spreadsheet-like Expert mode. We are working on greatly enhancing the reconciliation process in MoneyWiz but we cannot yet say with 100% certainty when it's going to be implemented. It's very high on our to-do list though!

I agree that the missing ability to truly reconcile against a bank statement is probably the only real drawback to MoneyWiz.  I hope it is implemented soon.


Since Reconcile mode is really available on Mac, I am marking this as Implemented. For the future improvements on Reconcile, let's discuss here:

Hi Asen, for anyone who has tried to reconcile their account against a statement, I would counter that this isn't yet implemented. Really, the only thing that is implemented is just a checkbox.  What is needed is a reconciled balance—right now the only way to see if your entries are reconciled against a statement is to enter all of them, and then do some math to remove the rest of the entries and see if that balance now matches the statement.  A running reconciled balance would solve that. Even better would be comparing a reconciled balance against a statement balance with the goal of getting it down to zero.

I agree with Jonathon 100%, the kind of reconciliation that we are looking for is definitely NOT implemented. It can be hacked by checking off the transactions that match to a statement and then marking the missing transactions as pending to get a (hopefully) reconciled balance, but it is awkward and insufficient. Please rethink this!

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