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Edit multiple records at once

On the IPad I find the current way of editing transactions very time consuming. It would save a lot of time if multiple records could be selected and the changes (eg a new description) copy pasted to all at the same time. Perhaps a system whereby the records are displayed like an editable spreadsheet could be implemented?

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Thank you for writing to us. It is something we plan to work on for one of the future updates :) We have no details to share just yet but it is definitely something we are considering.

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Would be nice indeed. Especially for people migrating like me.

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This would be a huge feature - - I see it working EXACTLY how it does on the Mac app. Select your transactions, hit edit, and get a transaction sheet where changes you make would be applied to all selected. Would be great for bulk-adding notes or moving transactions to other accounts.

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Bummer. I came here hoping that I would find the solution and not that its a feature request. :(

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Oh yeah, one year had passed, and they are still implementing this feature. My dead grandma would have coded quicker.

I would like to see that feature as well. It would be great to select multiple transactions and add to all a tag by just 2 clicks. Is there any view when it could be implemented?


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This feature will probably be introduced in MoneyWiz 3 coming later this year.


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@Pawel, that would be fantastic. This is the only feature truly missing for me to be able to be "iOS Only". From my research no other finance/money app has this feature and would really make MW stand out (especially in the iPad community!)

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Why waiting so long? At the speed development is going, I don't expect this features until at least 2018 in MW3...Actually, this is not a new feature but an improvement, or event something that is critical for the user interaction. A lot of competing apps already allow this, and those who don't react quickly and implement it when users request it...

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I program better in a coma

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I love the product but not being able to edit multiple items at once is making me regret my subscription. :(

I have too many miscategorized transactions to deal with each month one at a time to make this "easy"

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