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Create Loan Account Stuck

When creating a Loan Account, "Payment plan" continues to flash/blink at me even after entering details into the fields. In doing so, it will not allow me to "create" the account or proceed any further.

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Hi. I have the same problem though in iphone. Cannot create Loan Account at all. 

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And when you go into Payment plan, what does it read for Principal Category and what does it read for Interest Category? 

Same problem. The category labels are blank initially but problem remains when the category's are preselected. And how do you cater for an interest only plan?


Please make sure the fields "Category for Principal" and "Category for Interest" are assigned the different categories.

Having the same issue and it's not fixed by selecting different categories for the principle and interest. Also would like to be able to have interest only payments.
Same problem for me

Hello everyone,

The most common reason for Payment plan to blink is that either:

a) you did not assign a category to one or both of the fields,

b) the two fields have been assigned the same category.

If neither is the case and the Payment plan still blinks, could you please post a couple of screenshots of your loan setup?

Your response sorted my problem. Thanks. Philip