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several suggestions to improve moneywiz


i posted quite a long comment to the old forum, but it was closed like two days afterwards. I never found out if this reached you or if you even commented back. I will simply copy&paste my ideas from my backup notes. Please have a look :).


Hey there!

First of all, good job guys, i think you are doing really well but there is still a lot of space to expand and improve :).

I have several points i would like to mention that you may find interesting. But in overall I think you need to tune the transaction input to be a bit smoother...

iOS suggestions:

1) As i understand it, Dashboard is meant to be the "homepage", right? Event though adding a transaction takes just swiping right and tapping on the Expense/Income, you may add a e.g. "+" sign to Dashboard to initiate the transaction operation.

2) Please add an option to assign a default category to an existing Payee. Most of Payees doesnt change categories (your favourite Grocery store on the corner of the street will remain “Groceries” i bet) but it will easy the transaction flow - subtract at least one click.

3) Maybe you could refine Transactions Split mechanism. I mean, me personally, I use split transaction rather rarely (simple transaction are much more frequent). Yet the transaction input principle is crafted in mind with a possibility of Split. Therefore we need to tap more on the the screen to confirm choice of Account, Categories etc. Maybe you could just add the functionality that as soon as I tap on a single category the choice accepts an return automatically to transaction windows (currently I need to confirm selected choices by tapping the “ok” sign in the upper right corner). Subsequently, to preserve the Split mode you can add a “Split attribute” which when clicked the behavior will adjust - or something like this.

4) I like icons you offer for choice as well as the actual way they look. But would really suggest you that you group them based on a category they depict (e.g. meals, financial, living, transport…) they dont need to be labelled rather than just simply ordered.. Currently they appeared just randomly and it was redundantly complicated to pick a suiting icon. I guess it is not a lot of work there :)

5) As already suggest be a fellow user - please add possibility to assign top-level category to a budget, rather than need to select every single sub-category.

6) Perhaps create an account type of “dinning(meal) vouchers”

I am only using your application for several days, but i really like it! However, i think you need to work on&refine transaction input flow as it will be annoying soon to add every transaction by so many taps necessary.

I will keep you updated if i have more thoughts for you.


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Hello Vladimir,

Apologies for the lost thread in the old forums! We've made the switch between help-desk software packages and it was impossible to migrate that type of data over.

1. Dashboard is not necessarily the homepage :) Whenever possible, MoneyWiz should launch at the place where you've last quit it. If you need to enter a transaction quickly, you could try using Quick Transaction Today's view extension on iOS.

2. This should be already in MoneyWiz :) We remember quite a handful of your last links between Payees and last selected Categories and Descriptions for that payee. Please note that those links are separate for each account.

3. Thank you for your feedback on this! We are investigating this area but we do not want to compromise the ease with which you can enter split transactions. No details yet but we are working on it :)

4. Good point, thanks! :) I'll make a note of this.

5. Noted, thanks!

6. We do plan on adding new types of accounts but in practice this type of account would not be really different from a standard Cash account for example - other than the name :) I'll note your feature request, thanks!

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