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Typing categories

It would be handy (especially on the mac) if I could select the category by typing the category name. This feature already exists with payees.

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Thank you for requesting this! In fact, we are already working on a cool improvement for the iOS version regarding this. We hope we'll be able to share more information soon :)

On the Mac, you can use the keyboard to select the category after searching for it (press the DOWN arrow until you reach the category, ENTER to select, ESC to close the category pop-up).

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Tried your workaround and it didn't work for me on the Mac. I think the request was that during entry of a transaction a user be allowed to use the keyboard exclusively to speed entry. Right now, users must switch between keyboard and mouse at the category field. That is, users can enter all the fields by tabbing from the keyboard except for the category field, which requires a user to switch to the mouse to click on the category field before proceeding. As transaction entries are the most used feature of MW, this small improvement to streamline entry would be much appreciated.


If you want to use your keyboard to enter transactions and change the transaction details, please enable Full Keyboard access from System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> All controls (at the bottom).


We enabled this last year and got access to most but not all of the transaction detail fields. The "category" field does not allow keyboard entry with this workaround. As I wrote, the rest of the fields allow tabbing and direct keyboard entry without lifting one's hands from the keyboard.


What about android version? :-(


It is possible, please see this animation:

I have used Space to open categories pop-over then arrow keys to navigate, Enter to expand or select categories and Escape to close the pop-over.


THANK YOU!! It works! This makes me really happy.


This still doesn't work for me.

I get a limited list of categories if I use space to open the list, often not including the one I want.

If I type the first letter then the categories pop-up opens with ALL the categories. As I type more letters it reduces down until only the category that matches is displayed.

BUT now I have to use the mouse to select it!

What we need is a keyboard short-cut that selects the one in the categories list, or moves the cursor to it so that 'enter' works.


Sorry, I should have said:

 this problem is happening for me in the Payee window, not categories.

Basically I'm having to use the mouse too much as well as keyboard, which is a pain when entering lots of data every month :(


Are you sure that at first you see only a limited number of payees? Perhaps the list of payees is so long that not all fit on the screen?

My problem is, on the Mac, I cannot select the field Category with only the keyboard.. I use <Tab> to go to the next field, but the field Category is always skipped. So it ends I have in any case to do one clic with the trackpad / mouse to access it.


If you're a heavy keyboard user you should enable Full Keyboard Access from System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts (see at the bottom).

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