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convert to refund - no more search function

I use this a lot. In MW1 I could search the transaction using key words. Now I have to search through all my transactions. Unfortunately some of my refunds are months old.

Hello again Dianne,

We are working to resolve this issue for the 2.1 update of MoneyWiz.


Thank you for reporting this! I've forwarded this to our team and I'll update this topic once we have more information.

Attached is a photo of my screen.
(149 KB)
Have not heard from the support team. But this wasn't an issue when I was running MW1.


The issue you describe only applies to some users in MoneyWiz 1. If you continue to experience it, please e-mail our support at and we'll give you another build of MoneyWiz 1, which solves it.

I am not sure I am understanding this one well. What screen/option are you referring to? Are you looking for incomes that you want to convert to refund or looking for old expenses to apply a refund to them? 

On what device do you use MoneyWiz?