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App seems to be "forgetting" my budget transfers.

 I've been using MoneyWiz 2 almost since it was first released. I noticed that the app repeatedly "forgets" my budget transfers.

Let's say i have a budget called "Meals", and a budget called "Traveling". Every month, i transfer some of my budget from "Meals" to "Traveling" that i commit not to spend. It's my way of saving up for an upcoming holiday. The next month, however, i find that the sum transferred reappears in my "Meals" budget, so i have an extra large sum "remaining" in the budget. To resolve the problem, i've had to go to my "Traveling" budget, double-click every single entry for a transfer, and "re-save" it. This is far from ideal. Am i just doing something wrong?

No reply to your issue as of yet? Did you email support regarding this issue?

Hi Kevin,

I believe we've identified the issue. It will be fixed in update 2.0.5 which we plan to submit to Apple in around 10 days from now. Apologies for the inconvenience. Alternatively, you can e-mail our support and request to be on the 2.0.5 beta so you get the fix before public release.