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Changing amount with calculator keypad clears amount

Using MoneyWiz 2.0.3 build 17

When I have a transaction and I go in to edit the amount when using the calculator keypad, it clears the amount out of the transaction rather than changing the digit I want to change.

Steps to reproduce:

- Create a transaction (expense or income, doesn't matter) and make the amount $2.02 (or any value, it also doesn't matter. It's what I'll be assuming for this example)

- Make sure you are on the calculator keypad

- Save the transaction

- Edit the transaction

- On the amount field delete the 2 cents using the delete key

- Try to change it to 5 cents.  The remaining 2.0 will get deleted and replaced with the 5 you just typed.  You don't get the intended $2.05 and instead would get $5.00.

If you change it using the standard keypad, the change works fine.  If you switch to the calculator keypad AFTER changing it with the standard keypad, it also works fine.  It just seems to be a problem when the value is edited while using the calculator keypad as the first keypad.


This issue is not experienced by many customers but it is on our to-do for a future update.

 Thank you for the feedback. We are aware of this issue indeed. It is already fixed for MoneyWiz 2.0.4 update. Should be available soon.

Another eight builds and three minor revisions later.  I guess you were busy with the new Windows version of your product.

Still broken in 2.3.3 build 80



I'm really sorry about this. I'm actually not sure how this bug kept slipping away all that time. I've re-logged it to our team for fixing and we'll investigate this further including the origin of the issue.

In fact the bug is still present when POS is disabled in MoneyWiz 2.1. We will work on resolving it.

The bug STILL exists in 2.3 build 72.

Hello, I have that experience. Its definitely irritating. 

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