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Current balance to date displayed in account summary

Currently there are two options for the balance to be displayed in the account summary. Either you have the cleared balance, which shows only those transactions which have been cleared, or the full balance which shows all transactions cleared or not.

If you have future dated transactions in your account, neither balance gives you an accurate representation of what the current balance is in the account, so I'd like to suggest a third option. A full balance which is based on the current date/time.

For instance, if my cleared balance is $200 and my full balance is $350 (including a future dated transaction for -$50), I would like to know that currently my bank account has (both cleared and pending) transactions totalling $400. When the date/time of my future dated transaction arrives, the balance would then show $350 because that would be the current balance.

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Hello Conrad,

Thank you for requesting this! I've noted your request and we'll look into it for one of the future updates :) We cannot promise anything just yet but we will look into this.

I'd like to second this suggestion - in my workflow, I enter quite a few transactions in advance; typically these are scheduled transactions with variable amounts - as soon as I know what the amount will be I like to enter it into MoneyWiz so I can plan my cashflow accurately.

Seeing "current" balance as an option would be really useful, since it would vastly speed up my reconciliation process.  It would also be handy on credit card accounts - "pending" transactions count against my credit limit (so I want to include them in the visible balance), but "future" payments don't.

At the moment, the only way to see the current balance is to look at the transaction register - it would be great to see this on the account summary and on the Dashboard.


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I third this suggestion.

Huge vote for this!

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