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"Now" button on the date/time picker

I would like to see a feature added where there is a "now" button on the date/time picker.  I frequently pre-enter transactions as part of my budget planning process and then I have to go into each transaction and change the date/time when the transaction is actually received or paid out.

Having a button which would change the date/time to the current date/time would make this process much quicker and easier.

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Hi. Thank you for taking for posting here. This is already planned for MoneyWiz 2.1 that we expect to have out with the next iOS official release. 

What icone would you like to use for that?  

If it's going to be on the same frame as the date/time picker, how about some kind of clock?   You have a calendar icon for a day picker by calendar and a list icon for the scrolling picker.  Alternately, you could move the words Date and Time over closer to the Done and put in the word Now by the calendar and list icons.

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