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Allow time entry in CSV formatted file

When importing from an external file, I understand that MoneyWiz only accepts the date when building up the records.  I have been told this is because QIF doesn't support time in it's files (which is correct), CSV doesn't have a standard for time representation and while OFX does have time as part of it's date, it's stripped off upon processing.

I would like to see some implementation of time, specifically from CSV files.  MoneyWiz is parsing the file and pretty much asking you to how to handle what it encounters in the fields that it doesn't recognize.

Therefore, it shouldn't be that difficult to either enforce a standard on date/time combinations, allow user entry describing the date/time field, or request that time be kept in a separate field from date then have it combined when the data is parsed.  Further, if kept in a separate field, time could be constrained to be formatted only in 24 hours format (0:00 for midnight, 12:00 for midday) to make it easier to parse it.  It could be assumed that the time is based in what ever timezone the device currently has set if the date/time in MoneyWiz is stored in an integer based format (UNIX time).

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Hello Conrad,

Thank you for your request! Adding the support for importing the time is not that easy - even importing the dates can be tricky too. There are lots of separators for digits and some systems might include leading zeros while others might not. They might format it in 24-hour system or 12-hour system. If it's 12-hours, how is the AM/PM formatted? How does it differ from country to country, region to region? Is it in the separate column or the same column? If the same, how is it separated from the date? Is date first or is time first in the column?

It might seem easy to do but given the amount of users importing statements into MoneyWiz daily, it needs to work perfectly - for every region of the world. On all platforms that MoneyWiz supports. And that makes it not so easy anymore.

While it is possible, there are lots of uncertainties here and a lot of room for error. We might be implementing this at some point in time but at first, we'd like to focus on features like Investment accounts or Tags that we've been promising for a long time.

We are not saying "no", just "not yet" :)

Just say no.  It'll take the pressure off of your programming staff and they can focus on end-to-end testing rather than rushing enhancements into your system that then break other things, or not moving bug fixes that were promised in particular versions where the bug still isn't fixed in a much later version.


I disagree with Conrad's last statement this is an important item and is not as difficult as you propose to implement.  Simply pick a time format and state that in the documentation for the csv import.  Stop making excuses please and fix these features that have been requested since version 1.  

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