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An Amount Payment Frequency Function Column

Ad-Hoc/ One-Off



Bi-Weekly/ Fortnightly






example 'Frequency Function' titles, i'm sure moneywiz can think of better [Semi-Monthly ??]

i write this because i [my insane brain] just can't get comfortable with the programme yet i still love it

i've been thinking and thinking and thinking and i think it's because [i can't see] a FIFTH ESSENTIAL BIG OF INFORMATION


[1] Date \ [2] Description \ [3] Category [Type] \ [4] Amount \ PAYMENT [5] FREQUENCY

As a function and column in the main Accounts Balance View [Page/ Screen]

i know there is a frequency feature in the scheduled section of the app but i am suggestion having the Frequency Function as a usable element of the main screen [to be able to sort and categories income and expenses]

also i think it would be useful if EVERY ELEMENT of the [11 column] menu starting 'Reconcile' and ending 'Account' where 'arrow UP' 'arrow DOWN'able [can't say it better'/ manipulatable ??]

'MEMO' is not 'arrow UP' 'arrow DOWN'able [manipulatable] so i can't even write Frequency in manually and create some sort of A-Z Manual Frequency Function

i've not explained myself perfectly and i fully expect i have just got it wrong or missed some MAJOR aspect of the software so i am FULLY expecting to have someone POLITELY say ...

anyway i LOVE the app though i just can't seem to wrestle it to how i want to see it in my insane brain

but we are a team and in the possibility that this may be a useful suggestion i make it, even if only to remove the thought from my mind, i've said it now, they can do with it what they want ;-)))

regards and thanks for everything you've done so far 

Ben Grieve

Edinburgh, UK

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Hello Ben,

Thank you for your feedback! :) We are going to work on expanding the amount of information available in Scheduled transactions thumbnails (the little boxes in Scheduled transactions section that represent your Scheduled transactions). However, they already do display the frequency of the transaction (for example "Every Month").

Could you please tell me more about what you'd like to see implemented in MoneyWiz? Thank you in advance!

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