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double expense accounting?

I have a problem but I dont know if I did something wrong or is in the app or how to fix it.

I add a expense for the payment for my cellphone bill on my credit card, lets say for 100 dls, but then I realized that , when I pay to my credit card to pay for that amount is also show as an expense. 

Its  not duplicating the expense? It's already show the expense as 100 dls for the bill on the credit card, and 100 dls for the Credit Card Payment.

Thanks for your help.

Hello Jose,

It's not a duplicate :) You are paying for your cellphone bill with your credit card. Your credit card might be "overspent", meaning that you might have some of your own money there. In this case, you do not need to pay it off at all, since you've spent your own money.

But if you're spending your credit limit, you're basically filling one cup with water taken from another cup. So you've just moved money across but you still own someone some money - you don't own the cellphone company any money anymore but you've paid it using your credit limit which means you now own our bank $100. This is something you need to pay for separately but it's not a duplicate expense :)

I hope it makes sense!

The best way to handle this is to use a "Transfer" when you pay to your Credit Card - it's not an Expense, you're moving money from one account to another.


I see it this way:

The charge to the credit card is an EXPENSE on the credit card account and can be split into multiple categories, just like a debit card or check or cash expense.
The payment to the credit card is INCOME for the credit card account.  Not sure what to call its category - "payment"?

BUT what I don't get is how the costs for each category from banking accounts and credit card accounts and cash are summed together in a report so you get a real total for each category.  Is this automatic for a specified time period for linked accounts; or does one specify the accounts to be included in the category totals?  Or can it be either way?  Does anyone know?


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