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Space bar not working as intended


The ability to use fields in Mac version MW 2.0.3 is inconsistent.

For example, when trying to create a new expense, in the description field, if I start entering text & the field autocompletes, pressing the space bar finishes the autocomplete. This is annoying if I'm trying to enter "Macbook Pro", but the autocomplete is "Macbook Air". I type "Macbook", then press space, " Air" autocompletes, but I keep typing & the final field now says "Macbook AirPro".

On the other hand, using the keyboard to navigate the Category pop-up system, the space bar does... nothing? The return key is used to accept the selection.

Hello there,

I was unable to reproduce the issue you've reported. Could you please check if I understood you correctly? Here's what I did:

1. Create a transaction with Description "MacBook Air".

2. Start creating new transaction and use only the keyboard. Start typing Description: "MacBook".

3. When I press space, you expect that MoneyWiz would type space but instead on your end the existing "MacBook Air" gets selected, correct?

On my end it works as expected - it simply types space into the field.

I've attached a screen movie of the problem. More information on further testing: It seems that the problem doesn't occur if I click in the Description field using the mouse, but does occur if I use the tab key to move into the field. Also, once whatever the background issue is has been "seeded" by tabbing into the affected field, clicking into the field also reproduces the problem, although without the popup list of available profiled options. This is also shown in the attached movie.

(365 KB)

Thank you for the movie! I think the issue we should be focusing on is why MoneyWiz selects the first suggestion on the list automatically - notice that as soon as you start typing in the Description field, the first suggestion gets a blue background. Strangely enough, on my end it does not do that unless I start navigating the list with arrow keys on my keyboard.

Could you please update to recently released MoneyWiz 2.0.4 to see if this fixes the issue?

The issue does not occur in MW 2.0.4. Strange.

Oh, but there's a new issue. MW 2.0.4 doesn't want to accept my PIN most of the time. Need to quit & restart the app to get into it.

This is a separate issue and we're working on a fix. I'll contact you privately about a workaround.