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Syncing MW1 on Mac with MW2 on ipad/iphone...

There is a way to synchronize MW1 for Mac with the data loaded with MW2 on ipad / iphone ?

I was hoping to remain compatible, because structurally data are always the same ... this would be a very low blow , because you can't even go back and download old version on the iphone and I'm " forced " to buy also the new Mac version or forget MW for Mac and use it only on ipad / iphone ... I would not make an export / import daily for synchronize manually .




Unfortunately MoneyWiz 2 cannot sync back to MoneyWiz 1 and there is no reversion of the migration process. The data is actually not the same as objects in the database have received new attributes that allow us to correctly handle the new features in MoneyWiz 2. This operation is irreversible and MoneyWiz 1 would not know what to do with that additional information in the database.

I am really sorry for the inconvenience this is causing!

Well ,
would be enough to ignore in MW1 all additional features ( at the moment I can't identify what's the "new information" for a function sync).

trade policy ? :)))


I find tag " solved " wrong, if a problem is not " solved ".

Perhaps it's more correct to tag as "unsolvable"



It'd require us to release a huge update to MoneyWiz 1 to enable it to ignore all the new data. It would take weeks of testing to make sure that your data is safe and it's syncing correctly. Perhaps even months, considering that we'd need to test if re-compiling the application does not break anything else in the application given that there were some OS X/iOS updates since the last release.

Given the size of our team, we think it's better for our customers if we put our focus and available resources on developing MoneyWiz 2 further :)

As for the "Solved" tag - you might be right! At the moment, the platform offers us just two choices - Solved or Unsolved - and since I've addressed your question, I've decided to mark it as Solved :) This helps us to see which topics need addressing.

We'll investigate the option of adding more tags on the "Report a problem" forums.