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Crash of MW2 on iPad during Sync with Hotspot active.


my iPad is only Wi - Fi, when I do not have a Wi - Fi available, active in iPhone Hotspot and solve the problem.

With these features, MW on iPad in synchronizing go to crashes and closes, if stop and restart the app don't change but it's always the same thing.


Hello Raffaella,

Have you tried reinstalling MoneyWiz on the iPad? Tap and hold on MoneyWiz icon until it starts to wiggle and then tap the "x" that appears. Confirm that you understand that all of your MoneyWiz data will be deleted. Please note that any image or PDF attachments you might have will be lost as we don't sync them for now.

Afterwards, download MoneyWiz again from the App Store (as long as you use the same Apple ID that was used with the original purchase, you won't be charged twice). If you use various Apple IDs, please stay logged into the one you purchased MoneyWiz with until you launch it once.

Does it behave the same way after reinstalling?

Hi Pawel ,
in the end I'm reinstalled the app and the problem is solved.

Thanks and sorry if I did not give feedback on the solution immediately.