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Viewing order/sort pre-set when you enter an account

Hi! First of all, I'm not a native english speaker, so I'm sorry if I have any trouble explaining this feature request.

As an old MS Money user, I'm used to seeing my transactions in the asceding order organized by date. That way, the newer transactions are always on the bottom, like in a bank statement.

That is the way I use Moneywiz now. The only problem is that everytime I open an account to view my transactions, the list is all the way up and I have to scroll it all the way down to look at the most recent transactions. 

The app should know if you're using asceding or desceding order and put the list at the bottom or top when you enter an account.

Was that clear?

Best regards!

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Thank you for your request! :) It's perfectly understandable.

I'll mark the ticket as Deferred and leave it open so that we can gather more feedback and see how popular this request is.

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