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Consistently crashing when importing QIF

 This is TERRIBLY frustrating. I have a few months of backlog from my bank, I downloaded the transaction list multiple times so far, always in QFX. MoneyWiz (updated to 2.0.4) CONSISTENTLY crashes in the last step of the import. I got to the point of downloading 1 month of transactions at a time because when I try to import a meager 47 transactions in one go it crashes. All the time. Every single time I import, I have to re-pair all the new payees, I have to re-pair all the categories and then it crashes.

On top of this, MoneyWiz CONSISTENTLY "forgets" some of the payees I paired (i.e. I say a certain restaurant name should be a payee of type "restaurant" and then MoneyWiz creates a new payee type) and also the stupid categories are sometimes wrong meaning that a transaction is an expense, but MoneyWiz shows me categories for income.

This is REALLY frustrating and not worthy of a paid application.

Update, this is on iOS. I now tried to import a QFX file with 24 transactions and it still crashed.

Dear Andrea,

I am really sorry for the inconvenience this is causing! I'll contact you privately via e-mail regarding this issue. Thank you in advance for your patience while we'll be investigating the issue.