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Integrated Budget & Account forecast report

The request is to have a report that combines future commitments (scheduled transactions) and budgets, under the general idea that normally we all use 100% of our budget every month. This is important because the proyected cash flow should include those budgeted transactions as they are good estimates of future expenses.

For example, I might have a groceries budget of US$100/month, and I’m pretty certain that I will spend more or less that amount every month. But I might first spend $20, then $50 and then $30 on a particular month on that category. So, I know for sure that I’ll spend US$100/month in groceries, but do not know how that expense will be spent throughout the month, thus a scheduled transaction does not apply.

Moneywiz's support suggested in the meantime to create a scheduled transaction for an amount of the budget so that it gets included in the Forecast report. When it becomes due, one can just use the Skip feature so that it doesn't really get paid.

The disadvantage of this workaround is that Forecast report will display the amount one has actually paid in your budget + the 100% budget allowance (so the result would be too high). Therefore it'd be best if ro generate the Forecast report before starting to spend into one's budgets in the current month.

BTW... great work! I love the app so far.


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This is something that we'll be working on for one of the future updates :)

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Great! Thanks,


I need this...

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I really need this feature as well!


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This missing feature is a very important one for people who take budgeting seriously. I'm a new user to your app and I like the look/interface and the tracking of my income and spending. But for means of budgeting the app lacks some important features like this one. I'm hoping this feature will be introduced soon!

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I've been trying various financial application solutions and it's really important to this report.

The Moneywiz was what came closest, it is only necessary to have the option of adding the budget within the forecast report.

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I would love this feature too! The app itself is pretty good.

But it lacks a lot in the Budgeting department and I would actually love Investment accounts too! :) 

I have confidence that the developers can do it smartly and slickly. 

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Hi Pawel is this update coming soon? It is the most important update for using the forecast reports!

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Hello Marcelo,

Apologies, we were unable to bring this into MoneyWiz in the time we were hoping for. We do not currently have any estimates on this feature as we're currently focused on Windows version, Tags feature and Investment accounts. This feature however remains on top of the list on our to-do but I can't say when it'd be coming.

I am a new subscriber. Good app so far - would be great with this feature

I received an email response from Marina, in reference to including budgeted items in the Forecast:

"I'm glad to tell you the requested feature is milestoned for MoneyWiz 3 version. MW 3 is planned to be released in the first quarter of 2017."

Great news!!

BTW as far as I know this version will have plenty of new features but additional cost will be added to the price and we will have to pay.

WMK — I don't mind paying for major releases, so long as the release isn't too buggy. I'm not sure where this mentality of paying one time for a product and expecting free updates for life comes from, but it's something I frequently see it in forums and product reviews. It's no different than buying a don't return it to the dealership a year after purchasing it and say, "I paid for this car last year, and I'd like this year's model for free." If you want the new version, you should have to pay for it.

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