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Improvements in split transactions

I use this type of transactions very often and I think that there are some things that need to be improved:

  • Allow to include in the same transaction income, expenses and transfers to another accounts.  In my case, there are transactions like salary that includes recording an income, expenses and transfer to investment account.  Paying a loan include the record of a expense (interest) and a transfer to the loan account.  Right now I have to make different transactions.
  • When I have to edit a split transaction there should be a way of changing the amount of only one of the lines.  At this moment, editing one line changes the amount of the other categories and it is necessary to include all the amounts again.

I have this situation in MoneyWiz for Android.


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It's now two years ago since the request for split transaction into expense and income was put forward and nothing has happended. Banktivity (former iBank) has had this for ages and therefore I will continue to use Banktivity or alternatives. Too bad, Moneywiz to a large extend seems like a nice app but obviously is lacking some basic functiomality available elsewhere

Hi Carsten,

This feature will come in MoneyWiz 3. 

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