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MoneyWiz Web Version

Good Morning, 

I´m a happy owner of all MoneyWiz´s version of iOS and OSX. I would like if you going to create a web version in the future. 


Regards from Spain. 

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And even in 2017 a web application would is still desired!

I also want this - being able to do this via WWW is great for portability of the service and app.


I would say web version is A MUST! I am using your app for years and this would be my first feature request if I have been asked. Also this would be a decision changing feature if i find another solution with similar features and design. A very good app like yours deserves a web version for more convenient use. Recently I gave up GNEO for this only reason - excellent app but no web version. Now I moved to Wunderlist.

I am a current user of Good Budget, but some shortcomings have me looking at other alternatives. MoneyWiz looks like a a really great (and well designed!) solution. 

Since I don't have a mac or access to my phone at work, a Web Version is something that is pretty important to me. I am still going to Give MoneyWiz a try but +1 for a web version if this works out. 

A web version would be very very welcome!

Web version would be very useful. I agree with Franko, it is more useful than desktop version.

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I'm afraid we do not have any new information or announcements on this feature just yet Franko.

I am also interested in web version. I would prefer it more than desktop version. With desktop version we are bounded to a desk. With web version that is not the case. Do you have some new information?

Hello there!

Web version is something we're constantly investigating but have no details to share just yet. I'll leave this topic open so that we could gather more feedback from users on this feature request to see how popular it is.

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