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Improvements Scheduled transactions

Scheduled transactions need more than fixed dates to assign when they should occur. For example, if I have a transaction which occurs on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, there is no way for me to properly schedule this.

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I recently migrated to Moneywiz from Pocket Money and like a lot of the features that the app has to offer but one of the pain points is the lack of flexibilty for scheduled transactions. Here are some features That would really help step up the game: * more flexibility with scheduling attributes (first day of the month, last weekday, biweekly on Specific day of the week, etc) * list of scheduled transactions instead of the boxes so more volume can show in one screenshot * the calendar takes up a lot of space without a whole lot of value, either make all 3 months the same size (small) so as to save real estate on the screen but still allow the touch and hold to view forecast or add forecasted ending balances for each day of the current month if the CM remains the same size, this would bring value * (important feature) Add a process through date for scheduled transactions to allow for 1-Click entry of a volume of transactions through a certain date...and add 1 click entry for and single scheduled transaction. 3 clicks seems redundant for each transaction that was already tagged as scheduled. (This would be a big win for me...but maybe I am missing a feature that already exists?) * adding an indicator in the transaction register showing which transactions were 'scheduled'. This would help when new transactions requiring a schedule are entered as a quick reference whether the schedule was setup yet without switching screens and may also help during reconciliations if amounts are not exact due to periodic fluctuations (I.e. utility bills). The use of scheduled transactions is the main reason I like using an app as a checkbook. Just curious why feature improvements in this category is not a priority and are deferred with a product that already has other first class features across the board. I'm looking forward to all of the future development and am excited to use this app across multiple platforms to remain on top of my finances :)

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True that. What date picker interface like and you would prefer? 

- iOS Calendar style for iOS & Mac 

- Android Calendar style for Android

- One style for us that fuses some of the good sides of each

Put your vote. I personally like how this is made on my LG TV and in Google Calendar. 

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For scheduled transactions, being able to pick an end date would be nice beside the "after x time" option.

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Scheduled transactions are disappearing for me when I edit the due date.

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Here's another suggestion. I am not overly thrilled with the way I can view scheduled transactions. I would like to see a way that I can have a simple tabular layout without the calendar where all details are visible and I can sort by any of the columns in that table. It's fairly simple but I think it is the way it was done in Microsoft Money. That way I can sort by next instance date, last instance date, payee, amount etc. Far more intuitive to my thinking.


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I agree. I'd like to see more options in the Scheduled Payments. For a loan that I pay on the 1st & 15th, I currently have to enter two different Scheduled Payments, one for the 1st, and another for the 15th. It'd be great to have one Scheduled Payment that you could set when it needs to be paid, whether Twice a Month, or Every Other Friday, or even the specific dates of the 3rd, and 17th, for example. I currently have 18 Scheduled Payments, and if this option were available, it'd cut that down to 12.

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Our current estimate is Q1 2017 but we might experience some delays as outlined here:

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This is the style used by the app Todo Cloud. Works well for us.


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This is Feature requests forum. Please report any issues to


 I like the way options are presented in Windows Task Scheduler although it could be extended to add quarterly and yearly as options. It could also include options for selecting irregular dates by the inclusion of a calendar date picker although some interface which would allow for differing amounts on different dates would be more flexible. It would also be helpful if there was a way to set an annual percentage by which scheduled bills would increase/decrease in future years as a way to more appropriately budget for inflation etc. I think I have also mentioned elsewhere that it would be a huge bonus to be able to tie the amount of a scheduled transaction such as a credit card bill to the sum of unreconciled transactions plus scheduled transactions on that credit card account up until a nominated date.

To illustrate, some of the specific issues that I deal with are as follows:

Credit card bills whose amount cannot be easily or accurately predicted and which do not have the same closing or due date every month. (I believe that there is a pattern that credit card companies use but I am not certain what that pattern is.)

Bills whose amount varies seasonally. I currently create 4 yearly schedules for quarterly bills like gas and electricity because their amounts can vary hugely between the seasons. This works OK but is fairly inconvenient.

Local Council Rates (taxes) which are paid in 4 installments but which follow no specific pattern other than that the 4 installment due dates will be the same every year.

If Moneywiz could conquer a significant number of those issues it would be pretty awesome.

I agree, it's something we plan to add in the near future.

I have just updated the version of MoneyWiz 2 Premium which I purchased this week to track spending from an Australian and a South African account.

I'm having HUGE and SCARY issues at the moment - 

  • debit transactions are appearing randomly in the wrong month, 
  • transactions I had categorised have changed back to incorrect categories (repeatedly)
  • and debit transactions are sometimes recorded as CREDITS! Obviously changing my account balance.
  • When I change the category of incorrect categorised transactions, they change from debits to credits, even though I'm saving them as an expense. I can't change them back...

Please help! We are about to move house and need reliable budgeting software!


Below is a food and groceries, and a gift transaction on 17th October which are both debits but appear as credits.


Another one - 5th August fuel expense is recorded as a credit rather than a debit. I hadn't touched this one.


@Vanessa, I literally spent 6 hours today trying to chase this issue down, and it was fruitless. 

Can you please contact us at so I can ask you privately some questions about your online banking? 

Also can you search for the payee name assigned to these wrong transactions and see if there was ever an income transaction with the same payee? 

Additionally, were these transactions downloaded before or after installing 2.5.0 update on your windows pc? 

As long as it works as planned
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