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Improvements Scheduled transactions

Scheduled transactions need more than fixed dates to assign when they should occur. For example, if I have a transaction which occurs on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, there is no way for me to properly schedule this.

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Scheduled transactions are disappearing for me when I edit the due date.

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This is Feature requests forum. Please report any issues to


I have just updated the version of MoneyWiz 2 Premium which I purchased this week to track spending from an Australian and a South African account.

I'm having HUGE and SCARY issues at the moment - 

  • debit transactions are appearing randomly in the wrong month, 
  • transactions I had categorised have changed back to incorrect categories (repeatedly)
  • and debit transactions are sometimes recorded as CREDITS! Obviously changing my account balance.
  • When I change the category of incorrect categorised transactions, they change from debits to credits, even though I'm saving them as an expense. I can't change them back...

Please help! We are about to move house and need reliable budgeting software!


Below is a food and groceries, and a gift transaction on 17th October which are both debits but appear as credits.


Another one - 5th August fuel expense is recorded as a credit rather than a debit. I hadn't touched this one.


@Vanessa, I literally spent 6 hours today trying to chase this issue down, and it was fruitless. 

Can you please contact us at so I can ask you privately some questions about your online banking? 

Also can you search for the payee name assigned to these wrong transactions and see if there was ever an income transaction with the same payee? 

Additionally, were these transactions downloaded before or after installing 2.5.0 update on your windows pc? 

For scheduled transactions, being able to pick an end date would be nice beside the "after x time" option.

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I agree, it's something we plan to add in the near future.

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Is there any update on this? Being able to pick schedule dates along the lines of “last working day” and “nearest working day before or on the 19th” is really needed. Without it tight budgets cannot be accurately monitored and estimated going forwards, which I really need.
Hi Anfo, So, we’ve just released MoneyWiz 2.6 with investment accounts. We’ll now do a series of small updates to fix any issues reported. So this feature is not yet done. But - in around 10 days from now, we’ll send a survey to everyone on our newsletter, asking people what they like and don’t like about MoneyWiz, what they want to see done next etc... basically we’ll shape the future development of MoneyWiz based on feedback and we’ll prioritize new features development based on the number of people that requested a feature. So once that survey arrives in your mailbox (assuming you are subscribed to the newsletter), please do mention this so that it shows up in our analysis after that.

Hopefully this is the best place to post this request - please could you allow "last day of the month" as a payment date for scheduled transactions? Then when (for example) a monthly salary is paid in this way, MoneyWiz can reflect this.

Thanks :-)

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Hi Vicky,

I can confirm that this (among other things) is part of what we plan to do in the Scheduled section in the future...we plan major overhaul of this section :)

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That's amazing news! I've been waiting for that to come back to using the product!

That's good news Iliya, thank you :-)

I'm in day three of switching to MoneyWiz (from Quicken)... here are some of my comments on this feature in MoneyWiz. (Disclaimer: The "calendar" or "reminders" feature in Quicken is where I spent most of my time so I'm struggling a bit with MW in this area but I'm learning what is an isn't possible.)

I've already sent this one to support and they advised this was being address in MW3: I get paid on the 15th and the "last day of the month." If either of those days falls on a weekend, we get paid the Friday before. Sounds like a lot of code would be needed to make this scheduling phenomenon possible. Personally, I might just change it from the last day to the 1st to make things simpler.

I need an option for the X weekday of the month. I receive a check on the third Wednesday of every month. Sometimes this is the 15th, sometimes it's the 21st; I have yet to find a way to enter that into the current version of MoneyWiz.

I have the MW app on my iPhone but I mainly use the Windows interface. In the Windows interface, I would like to have a "list" view option to see the scheduled transactions. I've included a screen shot of what the Quicken interface looks like. I can sort on date, To/From, amount, etc. I will often print this list and actually print the calendar as I go through and make sure I've set reminders on all of my obligations. The one thing that is not included in the screenshot that I would love to have is the actual recurring mechanism listed (1st of every month, 3rd Wednesday per month, one time, payment 4 of 6, 1st and 15th of every month, etc.).

So for day three of using MW, I haven't gone back to Quicken yet. :) Online documentation for MW is actually pretty good. I can definitely tell a lot of care has gone into that. Leaps and bounds compared to what Q offers in their support and forum sites.

Just my 2¢.


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