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Roadblock on csv import


I would love to switch from iBank to Moneywiz, but can't get further than transaction importing from my bank.

This is something that iBank does well, but is about the only thing I like about the app right now.

Here is the problem:

This is a snippet from the csv file from my bank. I have no other way of exporting transactions than this

So that's  / Date / [not used] / text, payee / [blank] / amount / balance / reconciliated /

I only need to import Date, text/payee and amount.

When I import a cvs from my bank into Moneywiz, I get this:

It's the same payee!

For the vast majority of transactions, a code, "DK XXXXX" is in front of every payee.

I need my banking app, iBank or Moneywiz, to strip that code, so as not to end up with several payers who are basically the same.

In the above screenshot, both payees are "".

I tried going in to preferences and editing the payee

But when I have edited the first, and try to edit the second so I am left with just one payee, I get this

Now in iBank, there are import rules, whereby the app can take different "DK XXXXX Smartbox" and format it to the same payee, "Smartbox"

So for example

DK 09375 Smartbox

DK 63513 Smartbox

DK 78962 Smartbox

will all be formatted to "Smartbox" through matching, as seen here

I simply can't seem to find the same functionality i Moneywiz. Am I missing something and is there a similar matching feature in Moneywiz?

I really want to switch, but this is a major showstopper :(

Will there be an update on this issue in a future version of Moneywiz?

 Hi Christian,

In fact the similar feature was implemented into MoneyWiz 2, but it should do that automatially. In other words, when you import a CSV file with say Payees like above:

DK 09375 Smartbox

DK 63513 Smartbox

DK 78962 Smartbox

During the import process on the left side of Linking Payees step you will see the above Payees, but on the right side, you should see just Smartbox, like:

DK 09375 Smartbox - Smartbox

DK 63513 Smartbox - Smartbox

DK 78962 Smartbox - Smartbox

In fact there is no need to create a Smartbox Payee prior to importing. MoneyWiz should do this automatically.

Therefore I would like to kindly ask you, could you please submit a request to and send us a sample of a CSV file that contains the aforementioned Payees.

Thank you.

Thank you for answering.

I will try and see if I can get it to work.