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Dashboard liabilities

I have an account that I'm tracking - it's actually a loan account for a friend. I'm looking after it because I have a proportionate stake in it. I have excluded from my Net Worth since it's not wholly my liability. However the entire amount still appears in the liabilities in the dashboard. Is it possible to have an option that excludes liabilities from dashboard if the option in the account for 'include in net worth' is disabled?


Do you mean that the loan account appears in the Accounts widget or Statistics widget? Can you please tell me what's the exact name of the widget you're referring to?

It's the Statistics widget.   I have the following entries (illustrative):

Net worth = 552000

Liabilities = 786452

Expenses today = 0

Expenses this week = 4534

Expenses this month = 11470

Income this month = 26000

My view (very simplistically) is: Net worth = Assets - Liabilities

To make things easy, I have switched off 'Include in Net worth' for accounts that are not 100% linked to me,  As a result my Net worth is correct (possibly understated).  However my liabilities are much higher because 100% of my friends loan account (in which I only have a 25% share of liability) are being included.  Two possible solutions:

1) The simplest way would be to not to include the account.  However in the dashboard there is no choice to exclude accounts - hence the request. 

2) The more complex way would be to have an allocation method on both assets and liabilities.

If there's a better way please let me know

We'll look into this, thank you for describing it for us!

This should be marked as implemented. It was fixed in one of the point releases.

Thanks for pointing it out!