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Withdraw and Cash Account

I am not sure what the purpose of the cash account type is, but I use it to manage my cash expenses and take them into account in my budget.

Actually, the cash I have in my wallet usually comes from some withdraw I did before. Therefore, I think it could be nice to add a withdraw category and to implement the following behavior: any withdraw done in an account X somehow associated to the cash account Y would be seen as an expense in X and as an income in Y.

This way, every withdraw done reduces the balance of some e.g. checking account while putting some cash to related the cash account.

I'd like to take advantage of this post to congratulates all of you.

The app is very nice, and very useful. I am sure it will be a must-have very soon. Just keep working as you are, and please add some nice features yet..

Oops, I just saw it was possible by specifying a transfer.. Sorry..


Yes, you are right, making a transfer will do the trick here. If you would like to add a transaction to withdraw money from your Current aaccount to Cash account, please simply choose Transfer as transaction type.

Should you have any further inquries ,feel free to contact us!

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