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Reduce numbers of taps required to log expence.

Hi. I love your app functional-wise. Though some time ago I have dropped it due it was not quite efficient to run my expenses log. Now I am back to MoneyWiz2 (you got my money) for the csv imports.

Still i don't like few things in terms of UX.

Reduce number of taps please! Leave advance features with more taps but basic quick entries shall be default limited to fewer taps. Example: selecting category on the same screen. Tap -> list of categories -> Select one -> End (end of case) If somebody wants multiple categories to one entry (advance case) let him/her first tap multiple selector, then multiple category taps, then additional tap for end.

Even prepare separate mode of application for quick entries. Other thing to utilize this simplicity of expense logging would be something like templates, regular entries. If I have a regular lunch at work that always cost the same and some days  I skip it I don't want to schedule it. I want to quickly select it from some list and forget. Daily on iPhone I don't want to work with app I need to as quickly as possible create entry. (The best if it would work from locked screen today) +lunch (one entry of the same lunch as usual registered in MW at the time of tap), +5$ coffee starbucks (because I have hand full of options for morning coffee around), and so on up to quick option to fully fill in new entry still quicker then within current MW2.

Another thing: If I create new expense I choose category and sometimes I want new one.. Let me please create it from the category selection screen.

So far it is all. I will use MW2 some more time and I will let you know further my thoughts about.

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I completely agree with the above request. The majority of entries are single account and single category. Therefore, we should be able to do this with the minimum amount of taps. There should be a selector for a split transaction, otherwise it is best when we populate the entry of the account or category field with a single tap.

I just bought MoneyWiz2 for iOS after switching from android and found out transaction entry to be the major inconvenience for me. 

This is a nice app, but transaction entry is focused too much on split transactions, and this is at the expense of easiness for simple everyday transactions that do not have splits. I think this is not fare :-)


We have some big plans regarding ease of transaction entry that we're not ready to share just yet :) But we do listen to your feedback!

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