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Inconsistent Online Banking Behaviour

Hi there,

I recently turned on the Online Banking facility as my bank (Smile - part of the Cooperative Bank in the UK) works with Yodlee.

To be safe I set it up as a brand new account on my Mac and it seemed to work fine, except the balance shown appeared to be the actual balance minus uncleared recent items which were included in the full balance by the bank. Fixed that with an adjustment.

All seemed fine, so I converted my usual account to online (I've been using MoneyWiz since 2012). Same issue with subtracting recent uncleared items.

That's easily fixed with an adjustment - not sure if it's to do with how my bank reports the numbers vs what MoneyWiz is expecting.

However, the main problem is that with the pure Online version of the account, uncleared items have a running total and are included in the total in the sidebar; the converted account doesn't include the uncleared items in running totals, doesn't show them in the sidebar (although they are listed). The consequence is that I have two views of exactly the same account, both getting the same data from online, but both showing different totals - one including uncleared items, one not.

I'm guessing it's something to do with converting a non-online account to an online one. It is also reflected across on iOS - same issue.

Any clues as to why, or any fixes would be great!

Different balances could be an affect of:

1. Different opening balances of the 2 accounts. An offline account which you are using from 2012 probably has the different opening balance. To check this you need to open the Settings of the account itself.
2. Your other account could be set, not to calculate uncleared (pending) transactions. To check this, please go to that account and take a look at the Balance box below. Does it have both ribbons - green and red, or just green? Make sure both accounts Balance box is set to the same state.

Hope this helps.


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Perfect! It was the ribbons in the Balance box - small detail I hadn't noticed... The balances are now only £11 out, which is probably down to an earlier manual error, not too scary!

Many thanks,