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Just Switched to Online Banking Sync, Help w/Scheduled Transactions


I've just switched over to online banking sync and I have some questions about how I should handle the existing scheduled transactions I have.  

For example, my car insurance was scheduled to autopay yesterday (5/18) at noon.  When I sync'ed with the bank last night, the transaction came down to my account as it should have because it cleared my bank.  I marked it as paid in the scheduled transactions area and now I have two entries in my checking account for my car insurance.

How am I supposed to use scheduled transactions now?   I definitely don't want to stop using them because I don't want to lose that beautiful forecasting functionality.

What am I doing wrong?

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Could you please check if the date and amount of 2 transactions (the scheduled one that was paid manually and the one that came from online banking) are identical?

In such cases in fact, I would recommend to:

1. Turn of auto-pay option of scheduled transactions

2. When the payment date comes you will get a badge notification on the Scheduled section, meaning that there is/are transaction(s) to pay. I would simply recommend to skip these transactions and that's it. Moreover before skipping this transaction, make sure that the one from online banking was downloaded indeed. And only then skip.

Hope this helps.

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