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Apple Watch :: Categories and Payees

Hey guys, I love MoneyWiz but don't get the Watch App. I was so looking forward to enter my stuff on the go. Say, when I do errands, buy gas or go out for dinner. None of those activities are related to the (alphabetically) first 12 categories I have. I have over 50 nicely nested categories and need, let's say 6 of those on a regular basis when on the go. Why not let me pick from the last 12 used categories or, even better, let me decide which categories should be listed on my Watch? That would be absolutely great. On the Payee side the list is way too long for me. Please add a option to hide my complete address book and only list Payees that actually have been used in MoneyWiz. That would make an awesome Apple Watch App. Thanks and keep the great work up!

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Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for your feedback.

About categories - MoneyWiz for Apple Watch automatically displays the first 12 my recommendation would be to re-sort your categories so that the ones you use the most are within the first 12 categories. Then they would show up on the Watch. The reason behind this is that the Watch is not fast enough to be able to render much more than that in reasonable amount of time.

The same goes for Payees in a way - the whole list is slow to load if you have tons of payees. You can configure MoneyWiz on the Apple Watch to NOT ask for a payee, via Settings. Your suggestion sounds interesting and we'll consider it for a future update. We have a few more ideas to deal with the Watch performance too.

Hey Iliya,

Thanks for your reply.

I did reorder my categories which helped a lot. Still I would open a bottle of champagne if I could select single categories. My most frequently used categories on the go are nested within different groups with some other categories. 

Thank you for considering the listing of MoneyWiz' Payees.

Hey Iliya, Is Watch OS 2 going to make these requests possible?

Hi Allan,

Very likely so, since apps will finally be allowed to save data locally. Let's see how it goes when they release it. The issue here is with the Watch's performance. If the assumption that the performance is low because of live data transfer from the iPhone is true, then this would solve it. If it's just slow because that's all it can do, then WatchOS 2 is unlikely to solve it. We'll run tests once Apple releases it.

Thanks Iliya
Came here to post the same thing. I didn't realise I could reorder categories which will help, but here's why I don't think it's the best solution: - for most people, sorting categories alphabetically makes sense (and a lot of us have muscle memories that work this way) - this also means that useless or irregularly used categories are still going to appear in the list on the Watch, since I'm limited to ordering them by their main category (for example, I can't have just one Automobile subcategory at the top of my list, it's either all or nothing) I'll play around with it, but my ideal/dream solution would be the ability to Star or Favourite certain categories and have these on my Watch.

Still there's no solution for the categories on the apple watch? I can see about 300 payee on the apple watch but I can't select from my 20-30 categories. It's nonsense, and also could be good to have the categories ordered as groups like the iphone counterpart.

If they're working on a watchOS 3 app I'm willing to give them a pass for not having it yet. I know of several developers who skipped having watchOS 2 apps.
Sure, maybe the famous v2.6 bugsfree, but anyway that is the only reason I can't use the watch app. Also need a complication for faster access
Hi guys, Right now our focus is: * Release 2.5 with tags, receipt sync, categories offset, bug fixes asap. We're aiming for next week release, let's see how it goes. * Then release 2.6 with investment accounts and bug fixes * Then fix any bug ever reported in MoneyWiz * Then focus on MoneyWiz 3. At some point in MoneyWiz 3 we'll re-do the Apple Watch app, but currently it has lower priority because very few people (as % of iOS owners) have an Apple Watch, and given that we have limited resources we need to prioritize on things that affect more people. Sooner or later there will be a new MoneyWiz Apple Watch app that's for sure, but I can't promise when.
Hello everyone. Found this thread yesterday but hadn't had the time to post.

I have to say that I am really disappointed.  I used another service and I migrated to money wiz for the sole purpose that it had an apple watch app. I'm really considering the refund of my subscription, specially after reading how low priority the issue is.

Alternatively I really believe it should be a simple feature to be able to either: (i) have all categories show up; (ii) choose a subset of them from the watch iphone app (iii) or be able to pick favorites. I even offer myself as a developer to help out (not sure if that complies with the firm's policies though)

Thanks for the attention on the forum though. It is less frustrating that the demand is clearly not being ignored.




Hi Pedro, The problem with all categories showing up is the Apple Watch's performance. Our average user has more than 30 categories. It takes close to a minute to load that list on the watch. The way we made it is that we'll show the first 9, for performance reasons only. We have the favorites feature in mind though as it's been suggested before. Anyways, I will ask the developers to see if removing the icons for example would speed things significantly and if it does we'll consider loading the entire list. - Iliya
PS I logged this to the dev team to give it a try for update 2.5.1 (2.5 is already waiting Apple's approval).
Iliya, appreciate the prompt reply. Looking foward to it. Best


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