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Would it be possible in the future to have a customisable filter period option. For example a calendar year would be useful to me rather than 90 days

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We'll note down your feature request, thanks! :)

Yes please, more than 90 days and all so  bij importing from the bank by start 

One filter which I appreciated in MS Money allowed me to show only unreconciled transactions. I used this almost exclusively as it effectively shows me all transactions since my last bank statement and so unless I have a specific need to see history, that is all I ever see. Are there any plans to add this functionality now that advanced reconciliation is available for the Windows version?


Phil - we don't have anything to announce just yet in this regard but if we were to add this, it'd be included on all platforms anyways.

Thanks Pawel. I think you would find that this is a filter many people would make use of. I hope it gets added.


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