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Scheduled transactions view

Big squares for scheduled transactions are ok but they take a lot of space on the screen. A list view option would be great.

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Another vote for a list view for scheduled transactions. 

May I add a filter for Account to Evan's list.

I think we need to be careful, with the number of filters available.
- Account
- Date
- Frequency


Noted :) 

My vote definitely goes for a list view in scheduled transactions.


Also need an option to Group (in addition to sorting) the list by;

Payee - I have a number of scheduled transaction for the same payee, i.e. for each insurance policy. So need to be able to display the "Description" so I can tell the difference.

Category - I know you can have split categories, so in this view a split transaction may appear many times. Also need to be able to sum the amount column.

Frequency - i.e. based on how the frequency is described; Every Month, Every 3 Months, Every Year

Description - I would actually prefer a grouping called "Class" where you can only have one Class assigned to a transaction. But description will do for now.

Thank you for your feature request Enrique :) We'll look into it!

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