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Please add a "bank fee" field for transfer transactions

I transfer money from one bank to another and these transactions mostly have some fee from the bank side. For example, I transfer 1000 USD from bank A to bank B, but the bank B receives only 980 USD, since 20 USD were deducted as a transfer fee. I would like to record this fee in the same transaction. Currently, I am not able to do it, and there are no splits for transfers.

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We have it on our to-do to work on advanced splits (splits that consist of different types of transactions like transfer and expense). No ETA for now just yet though!

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This will be an awesome feature. Can't wait to see it.

yeah, that'd be great feature. Right now I just type 980 in transaction menu and 20as an expense to «Fee» category. Maybe this idea can help somebody with their flow.

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