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MoneyWiz 2 and Banco do Brasil

I bought this app to use with Banco do Brasil, but when i try to link with my internet bank i get this error "Server Error Provider is temporary disabled". 

Hi Rafael,

Indeed we Banco do Brazil is not supported by any of our bank providers (SaltEdge or Yodlee), because BdB is using Java Applet, which makes the integration process impossible for now. They used to have a mobile version of their online banking service, which SaltEdge were available to integrate with. But eventually Banco do Brazil abandoned the mobile version, therefore we don't support it for now.


I bought the online banking for one year to use my Banco do Brasil account. If I cancel the signature, can I get my money back?


Cancelling the subscription does not automatically initiate the refund. You'll need to contact Apple about it directly (not us, as Apple is the institution charging you and having your card information records):