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Online Accounts - Transaction Download "Learn Mode"

Like many folks, I'm having a heck of a time with the online accounts transaction download Payee and Category inaccuracies.  I was thinking that it would be nice to have a "learn/train" option that would allow MoneyWiz to go through the majority of the process, but instead of actually updating the transactions generate a report so we can see what it would have done.  This would allow us to see the progress as MoneyWiz learns our categories and let us decide when we think MoneyWiz has learned enough to be more helpful than not (sorry, but the current transaction downloading through Yodlee is, to put it simply, terrible).

I would see this just going to a file that could be brought up through MoneyWiz, saved, and deleted.  Just keep appending to the file as downloads occur.

During this learning mode, MoneyWiz could handle downloaded transaction like imported transactions (someone else's feature request), or leave downloaded transactions uncategorized and flagged (another person's feature request).

Just a humble suggestion.

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Dear Paul,

Thank you for writing to us! We are going to introduce improvements to the learning algorithm in MoneyWiz 2.0.6:

Please tell us what you think after a week or two of using MoneyWiz 2.0.6 once it's released :)