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Forecast Graph Incorrect

When I run a forecast on my main account the transactions list properly but the graph does not match the transactions. It seems fine on the positive side of the x axis but the line does not drop below zero even though I go into my overdraft at various times. I've checked that there is no money scheduled to enter the account on the same day that the balance drops below zero and have tried reinstalling the app but it does not fix it. The graphs used to work fine.

Hi. Can you send some images showing this? On what device(s) do you use MoneyWiz? 

You can use for the images. 

Here are the images with the payee names blanked out. As you can see the same transactions are listed on both but only the one month forecast renders the graph correctly. I use MoneyWiz on the iPhone and iPad and the problem occurs on both devices.
(189 KB)
(173 KB)

Thanks. Why do you think the balance is not corresponding? 

I see that on July 1st the balance is 521.44 on the graph and on the transaction for July 1st. However, note that the point is on June 30th it maybe hard on a touch device to hit precisely July 1st. 

I am sorry if I am missing here. 

On that screenshot the graph is correct and it was only included to draw a comparison to the longer term forecast which is also attached. That graph covers the same period but the line does not go below the x axis between 30th June when the graph starts and the 7th June when a payment is made to the account. There are also similar negative periods in August and September that are not accurately reflected.

It actually does go below just too small and it is hard to see. What if you press the zoom button in and rotate the phone into Landscape. How do you see it then? 

Here's the same screenshot but I've drawn on how the graph should look. There should be no blue above the red boxes as the account has a negative balance at those points. The section you suggested is too small to see is only -20 and not the larger negative figure shown in the list. I don't mean to sound rude but I don't know how else to explain this as it seems obvious to me. Look at the list of transactions and the dates. The graph starts at the 30th June and the point that's highlighted is the 6th July. The line should be red between the 1st June and the 6th July but it isn't.
(194 KB)
That last part is meant to read "red between the 1st July and the 6th July"

I see that. What happens if you rotate the device and put in full screen though? 

(69.3 KB)
Could you please tell us on which devices in total do you use MoneyWiz and on which of them you have the most correct MoneyWiz database? Could you please send your answer to as this will imply more additional steps in order to resolve.


My balance forecast is off as well, by a lot.  No wonder I have been getting nailed with overdraft charges left and right.

The balance for Joint is shown as $622.67 (which is correct).  Although the list when I expand Joint shows the balance as $1336.83 (incorrect).  The graph shows my balance as $933.12 (incorrect).  The next scheduled transaction for this account is City of London for $2000 on April 14, which shows the balance will be $3336.83 (incorrect), when actually my balance should be $2622.67.

I am using MoneyWiz for OSX.  Also, the iOS version graph reports show the same thing.

I am running the latest version of everything ... MoneyWiz on OSX, MoneyWiz on iPad Air 2, MoneyWiz on iPhone 6s, latest OSX versions, latest MoneyWiz versions and latest iOS versions (as of April 10, 2016).  None of the MoneyWiz programs on OSX, iPad or iPhone are accurate.

Disregard my previous message (not yet approved to be posted).  Technical support helped me find the issue, which turned out to be my mistake, not moneywiz.  Thanks for the quick response.

You are welcome Christopher :)


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