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SYNCbits Interruptions

Dear MoneyWiz Customers, 

Apologies for the inconvenience that this is causing. 

SYNCbits interruptions are due to our hosting performing some urgent datacenter maintenance:

The issue is not related to updating to MoneyWiz 2.0.6. We understand that you may have been signed out on your devices. Do not worry when the connection is restored you will be able to access your accounts. During the outage you will not be able to sign in. In case you haven't been logged out, do not log out. You can continue to use MoneyWiz, and when the server is back on, all data will sync to it. 

Sorry, we have no Estimated Time of Resolution. We'll keep you posted.

3 people have this problem

Keep me posted thanks


Unfortunately, I thought I had a problem with my devices, which weren't syncing (iphone + ipad), so I logged out of SyncBits to try to resolve the issue logging back in again.  I now can't log in, with a connection error being reported.

I now see the advice that I shouldn't have logged out in the first place.  What issues will this now cause when the SyncBits server issue is resolved?  Will I loose transaction and/or account data?



Hi Alexander, 

No this should not cause any data loss. When the server is back up you will be able to sign in (we will post here), and all will be good. 

Speaking from the position of my 3 years experience around here, this is the first time we are having a downtime of over 2 hours. 

ETR: At least another 4-5 hours

конечно подожду пока вы наладите сервер, спасибо за отчет и ожидаю положительного результата, спасибо.


Same problem; only posting to ensure I get a notification when it's back up.

Same problem. 

Please keep us updated. 


got same problem, logged out after my last editing , hope them still exist after the server fixed

I have the same problems and earlier emailed the help desk.


da circa 3 ore non riesco più a sincronizzare il mac, iphone e ipad.


same problem, waiting for news! 

Have the same promblem.

I also logged out and had problems with password. Did a reset of password.

Now waiting for server to come back.

Ugh....of course I have bills due in less than an hour and my transactions aren't synced......nice.  Well late fees here I come.