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On-line banking missing chunks of data

I bought moneywiz 2 when it came out but had lots of problems with the on-line banking missing chunks of transactions, eventually just gave up on it

I saw the update today to 2.0.6 and it sounded like it had some big improvements in it so thought I'd give it another go

It's just imported all my transactions and missed a massive chunk of them out

(see attached screenshot)

This is SO FRUSTRATING because I actually really like the app and have it on my iPhone and my Mac but when it misses a whole section out I have to sit and pain-stakingly add all the missing transactions by hand.

Oh also FYI I bank with First Direct in the UK

Hi Phil,

When you connected with your, do you see the circle button on the bottom right corner? Is it black and static or blue and spinning?

Could you please also tell me, through which provider have you connected with First Direct bank? Through SaltEdge or Yodlee? You can tell that by accessing the settings of the account (you may send us that screen shot too by the way).

Thank you.


The circle button on the bottom right corner is black static.

I connected through SaltEdge as that was the only option when I installed v2.

If I disconnect from SaltEdge and connect through Yodlee instead might it back-fill?


Don't disconnect from SaltEdge just yet, but please try to add a new separate account, but this time from Yodlee


Ok, Have connected all my First Direct accounts through Yodlee and all transactions are there - nothing missing!

Good news indeed!!

Glad this is sorted


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