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SYNCBitz what is actually synced

Hi There,

I'm interested in using SYNCBitz for MoneyWiz but just wanted to understand what is actually stored on the server. 

What data about the accounts are stored? Are the login/sync credentials for the accounts stored in the application anywhere?

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Hello Ed,

Thank you for writing to us.

Your complete data is stored on the server. MoneyWiz has no place to store your account passwords, account numbers, card PIN codes, etc therefore those are not stored (unless you deliberately put them into account description for example). If you are using Online Banking feature, we do not store your real account login or password - just the token that we receive from our banking providers (Yodlee or Salt Edge).

Your MoneyWiz data is encrypted thoroughly during transit as well as when it's stored on our servers. It is not encrypted while it's on your device - it is up to you to secure your local device storage:

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