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Budget Transfers


There seems to be an issue where I transferred funds between budgets last month & now the new month has rolled the transfers have 'disappeared'. I thought this happened previously, so I kept a separate spreadsheet of my funds available in each budget & there was definitely a discrepancy between the two. I managed to fix it in Moneywiz, by RMB each budget & doing an edit & without actually doing anything other 'ok' it corrected the issue. Seems to need some sort of refresh within the budgets that isn't happening?

There was a similar topic

Cheers, Graham

Additional information:
MoneyWiz: 2.0.7 (41)
OS: Version 10.10.3 (Build 14D136)
Online Banking: Inactive
Language: Auto-detected (English)
Regional settings: en_AU

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Hi Graham,

This issue has been fixed indeed. But could you please tell, have you tried to build a Budget Balance report for those Budgets which the transfers were made between. Does the transfer transaction appear in the Report.

P.S. make sure to build for the correct period..


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