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Pester review fail

I've left a review (NOT via the iOS App). When I click the green thumbs up to review, it takes me to... well nowhere.

I've bought it, not why do you still pester me for a review - ever other time I use the damn App. 

I am currently waiting for Apple to get back to me - after I complained.

Dear Clive,

I am really sorry for the inconvenience this is causing!

Can you please tell me exactly what happens if you click Thumbs up -> Review now?

This issue will be addressed over e-mail.

I just wanted to clarify how the ratings reminder works: it asks for a rating/review on each new app version (this is just how the AppStore restarts them with each update). We recently released 2 updates one after another to correct a bug, and that's why you got the ratings reminder twice. Apologies about that. In MoneyWiz 2.1 we'll add a 30 days delay from the last time you got the message, to prevent this.

As for why we ask for rating - good ratings equal better sales. Better sales equal larger team. Larger team equals faster development, faster support, faster sync, faster everything.