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Getting notifications for already entered transactions

I keep getting notifications for scheduled transactions being due, but the transactions are already entered. I don't want to turn the notifications off, in case I forget to enter one someday. I've had this setting all the time and it was never an issue before, so I think it may be a bug in this version? I've only been getting these for maybe a couple of weeks.

When I do my scheduled transactions, I do them at the beginning of every month, and enter them in ahead of time. So, if I look at my scheduled transactions today, I only have all my bills for August showing, with everything for July already having been entered. However, I keep getting the notifications saying I have a bill due. For instance, today I got the notification that my Lowe's bill was due, yet I already entered it for July, and only the August bill shows up in my "Scheduled Transactions."

It will also show as a number on my app badge too (iOS), but once I open MoneyWiz it will go away. There's also no record of the notification in the app or even in Apple's notification center...strange.

Hi Danny, 

Let me confirm this. 

You have a Scheduled Transaction that is for July 27th, you paid it on, say, July 20th in advance, and the Scheduled One re-armed for August 27th. Nonetheless on the 27th of July you received a notification that the one you paid on the 20th is due? 

Hi Danny, 

We have managed to reproduce this, and found what is causing it. Fix will be coming with MoneyWiz 2.2

Your first reply was correct. And thanks for looking into this so quickly! You guys rock! :-)

Anytime :) 


I think this issue is still happening. Could you check for me please?


This topic is over a year old - what you might be experiencing is definitely not the same as the original issue. Can you please contact us at