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MoneyWiz crashes for SaltEdge users

Today SaltEdge rolled out an update on their systems. It seems the update has a bug though, which leads to MoneyWiz crashing for some (not all) customers who have SaltEdge online banking accounts.

We're already in touch with SaltEdge and working with them to have this issue resolved ASAP. 

Rest assured that your data is not affected in any way.

In the meantime, a workaround is to use MoneyWiz in airplane mode.

Please monitor this thread for updates.

2 people have this problem

Hope they fix it soon (in my experience SaltEdge has been always super helpful and quick). Transactions are piling up and will need to be recorded soon lest I forget what they were. :)


SaltEdge is currently working on solving the issue. It may take several hours. We'll keep you posted.

Hello everyone,

We've received an update from Salt Edge that the issue should be fixed now. If it still crashes on your device, please wait 1 hour and try again. If it happens again, please contact us via e-mail at Thank you!